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How Lots of Significant Lottery Prizes Have Been Gained In Iowa?

Here’s a dilemma that arrives our way and appears to have origins in the urban myth that “no 1 from below ever wins”: How quite a few huge lottery prizes have been gained in Iowa?

The to start with hurdle that likely requires to be cleared is how you determine the phrase “big lottery prize.” For simplicity’s sake, I started out with the threshold of $5 million, and then looked at our winners’ lists to establish how many of individuals prizes have been received as a result of the several years right here in Iowa. The answer? Iowa Lottery players have won 25 prizes of at the very least $5 million.

If that stage isn’t regarded as significant sufficient by someone’s definition, we can jump up to the $10 million stage. The reply there: Iowa Lottery players have won 13 prizes of at the very least that quantity.

If you continue to keep heading up, lottery gamers in this condition have received 5 prizes of at the very least $100 million. And the extremely premier lottery prize claimed to day in Iowa is a $343.9 million Powerball® jackpot that was won in late 2018.

I know some individuals will not ever certainly be contented with our “big winner” definitions till their name is on the list, but the details I’ve shared right here clearly show that Iowans have taken property a great deal of major prizes through the many years.

Beneath point out law, the Iowa Lottery winners’ lists are public, so we maintain a millionaire’s listing on our web page that reveals all the prizes of at least $1 million received in Iowa as very well as a listing of all winners of $600 or extra inside of the past 12 months.