bass tremolo systems

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bass tremolo systems

Howdy, I was on the hipshot website checking out their stuff and I came across this bass tremelo system with the wammy bar and floating bridge. I was wondering if anybody has ever tried one or knows anyone whos ever tried one. If anybody could tell me how they play. Are there any famous players who use them? I can't imagine them being intalled in many basses unless their custom made cause I don't think that many basses would have a cavity to fit the system into. It would be cool to see what harmonic squeels would sound like on the lower octaves of a bass.

ever saw primus? nuff said!

actually, no, always wanted to get it, but don't have the money

Vic Wooten uses a Kahler tremolo.

Yep, definately Les and Victor! I've never played one, but my curiosity has peaked before and I've almost bought one! If you get the chance to try one out, keep us posted.

Here are a couple of John Entwistles basses.  I can't tell you want songs they were used on.

Victa and Les are the only 2 I was aware of to use a trem, i didn't know Entwistle used one as well.
I've got a Kahler bass trem sitting in my room, i haven't completely decided what to do with, but i have tried them out, and if you can afford it, i'd say go with kahler, they're so smooth and wonderful, now i want to use mine

The biggest difference between the Kahler Bass trems and a guitar trem is that the bass trem is not going to give you as great a range of change like a guitar. ie: You're not going to be able to do those deep dive bombs where the strings just go slack against the bridge, nor are you going to be able to pull back on it and go two octaves up like a guitar. This is due to the mechanical difference and tension between guitar strings and bass strings.

You'll be able to drop a note about the equivalent of 3-4 frets or so, and same in the up direction as well. More of a "wobble" than a full on floyd rose floating type of whammy bar action.

I'm not sure about the new hipshot bass trems, if they will give any greater range of movement or not. I know they are setup just like a guitar trem, but not sure if they'll give any more movement than the Kahler roller/cam/spring style or not.

I'll hafta call Hipshot and ask.

Would it be possible to make a cavity in your bass to place a tremolo system into? Or would that not be a good idea. Would the new tremolo bridge and a cavity alter the sound of my bass when I'm just thumping with my fingers?

It is possible to make a cavity on your bass for a trem, but i would do some practice 1st on pieces of wood before you try it on a bass, and it will alter the sound, the one i played with a kahler sounded more like a hollowbody bass than a solid body, but on kahlers, i heard that if you tighten a allen screw all the way that is on the roller, there should almost, or none, of a difference between how it used to sound vs. how it sounds with a trem on. Of course I haven't tried this theory yet. There used to be a guy on the board that used and knew all about bass tems.

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