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I notice you have put on a thumbrest - I do this with most of my basses. Nice stick!

Just finished putting this

Just finished putting this together for a mate out of mostly Warmoth parts:

Hopefully have something a bit special on the way also.

Check out my 69 jazz in this

Check out my 69 jazz in this video and please vote if you like the video !!!
I tried posting a picture but can't figure out how to?
figured out how to post a picture check out the video of it
love the paint on this

generally i prefer to see some grain, but this is a nice paint job.  reminds me of the old Airhead BMW's with what they used to call a Smoke paint scheme; back when BMW used Glasruit paint.  They no longer offer Smoke, but some custom bike painters will do a faithful rendition.     Looks more like a P bass with an added J pickup than a J bass with a P in the bridge.   Most P/J's seem to be Jazz oriented with a P pickup for that earthier flavor.   (Refering to Foxen's grey/white P/J above)

OK so I voted...

I voted.  

Question: did they dictate that you had to use "Another one Bites the Dust" for the audition ?   Seems all the bass auditions were the same song.   

my bass porn is featured on the History Channel Dec 11 1:00pm

Christmas Porn

Got this for Christmas....


Christmas Porn

Got this for Christmas....


Christmas Epi

swstraight wrote:Got this for Christmas....


Christmas Epi

I can't wait to play it, Swstraight! :bigsmile:
things happen

had to take the SG back, bridge pulling out of body. I turned and this one said "take me home"


Cool Woodgrain!

Cool Woodgrain!

man that Thunderbird is setup just for plays like a dream........,whenever you want to test it Fenderman, its yours.....

My PORN!!!

Finally put a family photo together... From bottom left: Steinberger Spirit, MIM Jazz (modded with Barts, re-finished neck, black PG and Badass II bridge), Musicman SUB (modded with Bartolini), Deluxe Active Jazz V, Musicman Sterling.

Top Row: 1984 BC Rich Warlock, MIM P-Bass (modded with Quarter Pounders, black PG & Badass II bridge), Tobias Growler, Spector Performer, Cort Gene Simmons Axe.

I've been here for a few years. I can't believe I've gotten away with not posting my porn for so long...

EEbass porn

Lord son, looks like a music store! Nice sticks. 8)
quite the collection

I've been wanting to do a family portriat for a while.....but I don't have enought guitar stands.   I'll have to boroow some from the twanger in my band.   

Damn EE! That's some family!

Damn EE! That's some family! Lovin' it!

Put this together out of

Put this together out of accumulated parts:

Foxen Parts Bass

Quote:Put this together out of accumulated parts:


Me likey...

can't wait to have it in my hands

looking forward to having her in person, these are lifted off Bass Central's website:

BTB porn

i added the BTB406 (far right) last winter, just never got around to adding a pic until recently.  i want one more to make fretless.

Oh Ibanez, so delicious. I

Oh Ibanez, so delicious. I need to upload a photo of my SR1205 Premium I bought last year... this?

Well, before I settled on the Stingray 5, I gave a SR1205e a run for the money.   I really wanted this guitar to work, but the [=#ffffff; font-family: Arial, Verdana, sans-serif; background-color: #333333]Nordstrand[/] Big Single pickups simply had too much single coil buzz.  If I let the pickup pan pot dead in the center, it was reasonably quiet.   If I rolled off to either pickup in any amount it got noisy in a hurry; and simply forget about using all bridge or all neck.   I like using all bridge pickup periodically for a nice punchy tone to cut through the mix.   The other thing was the gain levels of the stock preamp were too hot for my tastes.   It had great tone in a neutral position; but the boost / cut levels were too dramatic for me.    These are of course, all subjective.  Someone that plays in a more aggressive band might want the distortion effect.    As far as the noise goes; allot of it is the setting I play in; the building is old, the house mains are old and the lighting is on a noisy soild state programmable dimmer circuit.

Anyway....with a different pre-amp and perhaps the [=#ffffff; font-family: Arial, Verdana, sans-serif; background-color: #333333]Nordstrand[/] Big Splits instead of teh big singles.....this might have been a keepr.    YMMV.   It was a sweet bass; I just coudnt justify $1000. for a dual pickup, active bass that i coudnt vary the tone much on.    Perhaps one day I'll revisit this concept if I find a used one and can swap some stuff out.  Certainly was a dop dead gorgeous bass.   I'm sure someone got a good deal on her after I returned her to Musican's Friend.  

   I could only keep one.....ultimatly decided to return the Ibanez....kept shopping and ended up with the Stingray 5. 

One last parting shot.   


Yes, I know.....Nordstrand.   Nordstrand.   I'll write it 100 times on the chalkboard after school.   Maybe that's why I had noise....I had those cheap department store knockoff p'ups.   :)

Maestro Dobro Resonator Bass

So this is my baby. Bet you've never seen one liker her.


Quote: So this is my baby. Bet you've never seen one liker her.


Oh, I like that. How does it hold up acoustically?

its got more acoustic volume

its got more acoustic volume then your average acoustic bass but it has the bite of an upright with that resonator. i do not yet know its electric qualities yet though as i do not have an amp yet.

Resonator Bass;

I love it.  I found a copy of twanger's journal (issued quarterly) at the magazine recycle at the  bibloteck (library).  It is actually labeled Bibloteca, (South Valley Albuquerque NM)  The journal had an article about some guy up in montana that makes custom resentor twangers.  He uses old hub caps, 

I think you are going to like the electronic tunes. 

My Favorite

So many Strings!

(No subject)

New Bass Code

New Bass Code 4566

Back from Years ago . Will try to put up pics

Hey there UGLIES... I haven't been around for yrs....Many life changes. The good news is that Life is very good now, Amazing wife of 9 months, My girls are both in college , and the new job is great, Havent played out much in the last few yrs due to workin my butt off. Still play a little in a classic rock band. Anyway.....heres my gear,,,,,,New TC electronics 250 combo, 12 " speaker.....Love it. Ampeg SVT5 , Furman conditioner, KORG tuner. Aquilar 410....Clean Punchy Tone.
85 MIJ Fender Jazz Special...Beat to heck from Pre owner...Light and powerfull thumpiness. 2004 Tobias KillerB.... Best bass I have ever owned. Amazing all around. Never will part with my baby.


Jackie.....please tell me in easy to understand ways to post a pic.......Thanks !

posting pic

Mntallpaul sighting!

Good to see you again, my Ugly brother! Nice setup you got there. I have one of those MIJ Jazz Specials. I think it's an '85 or '86, I can't remember. Nice, nice basses.

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