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Randy&#039s Pet Dandy&#039s, Wheeling, Wednesday, 11/24, reside 1 pm Japanese.

RACE 1, 3-4-7-5, CHICO Person, Top rated within rush for an 11th Win

3 AND 6 ON THE Day-to-day DOUBLE ON RACES 1 AND 2.

RACE 2, 6-2-8-4, JS Light MY Fireplace, Top rated rush, Lester Raines Kennel.

RACE 3, 3-2-1-6, Faithful MALAWI, Major Mid Track rush and nearer.

$500.00 Guaranteed Select 4, 3-and-2, 3-and-4, 1-and-8, 7-and-1.

RACE 4, 3-4-5-2, BENEVOLENT, Double Quality fall, major inside of nearer.

RACE 5, 1-8-5-4, ARROYO PHOENIX, Double “A” Hound, top rated hurry.

RACE 6, 7-1-3-6, WW WEST WING, Double Quality fall, top rated split.

RACE 7, 4-1-3-7, RS Assess THIS, Quality drop, very best Mid Monitor rush.

RACE 8, 4-2-3-5, HASHTAG RESTRAIN, Double Quality drop, latest “B” Earn.

RACE 9, 6-3-4-1, WW LEOF, Triple Grade drop, most effective Mid Track rush.

RACE 10, 1-6-2-4, Last Acceptance, Grade fall, prime inside break.

$500.00 Assured Pick 4, 1-and-6, 5-and-1, 1-and-2, 1-and-3.

RACE 11, 5-1-6-2, KEENAN ALLEN, Triple Quality fall, greatest split.

RACE 12, 1-2-3-8, BGR GOLDFINGER, Quality drop, leading rush, new “A” Earn.

RACE 13, 1-3-8-4, VET Delight, Quality fall, leading inside break, new “C” Acquire.

RACE 14, 3-1-5-7, HASHTAG Prime Gear, Double Quality drop, new “B” Win.

Decide 5, 3-and-1, 5-and-3, 2-and-1, 2-and-1, 5-and-8.

RACE 15, 5-3-1-4, ABBI’S FRONTMAN, Prime rush for the $100K Stakes Champ.

RACE 16, 2-1-6-5, SLATEX RIVER, Double Quality fall, recent “C” Win.

RACE 17, 2-1-6-5, GETTIN MY BUZ ON, Grade drop, leading hurry for an 11th Gain.


RACE 18, 5-8-2-7, ATASCOCITA AMITY, Double Grade drop, ideal inside rush.